The Academy awards… This Is What They Were Wearing

February 26, 2013

What did you think??


My votes went to Jessica Chastain, Amy Adams, Amanda Seyfreid, Salma Hayek, Charlize Theron and Naomi Watts

The worst dressed… although I admire her… Jane Fonda… canary yellow is for sundresses and flip flops

Bad hair… Kirsten Stewart… she must have left her brush in the car

All round most glamorous… I can’t choose between Salma Hayek and Jessica Chastain

I’ve decided that I am not sure about strapless

That there was an over abundance of glitter

That Adele is the new Shirley

That Barbara Streisand is a living legend

and that some of the men needed a haircut and a good shave


Tell me… Best and worst dressed? xv



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  • Pamela Terry says:

    Loved Jennifer Garner’s dress. Loved Jennifer Laurence’s dress.
    I though Charlene Theron looked like a goddess in that white frock and I completely adored Adele.
    I agree with you on Jane Fonda’s choice. Such a harsh colour for anyone.
    And I though poor Kristin Stewart just looked sloppy.
    And I’m so,so glad the gifted Daniel Day-Lewis won. That, and Shirley Bassey, were my favourite moments.

  • Bonsoir Vicki. What a fun evening! Big gowns are too much to wear, I have decided: Sassy Jennifer Lawrence almost did not make it to the stage when she tripped over her big dress… Amy Adams did not relax much in hers, i am guessing. Charlize was regal and demonstrated how it is done. Salma, beautiful dress but hair was too severe. Loved Jennifer Garner. Cute hairstyle. Beautiful dress color, and it stood out among the sea of whites/creams and silver/lamés. Naomi Watts earns points for originality. Not crazy about Jane’s robe jaune either… but it is Jane and she has earned the right to wear whatever she pleases :-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  • Tammy says:

    I have to disagree with you about Jane Fonda. That Versace gown was gorgeous. Versace is know for that fantastic shade of yellow. At 75, she was stunning in it. I also though Reese Witherspoon and Helen Hunt looked gorgeous in their blue gowns. I like the addition of color; there’s so much black. Kelly Osbourne needs to get rid of her gray/blue hair; makes here look like she’s an old lady when she’s so young.

    • Vicki says:

      Agree to disagree about Jane Fonda… but I did love the blues… I had them ready to put up but thought there were so many pics you might get sick of them… :)
      I don’t really get the purple and pink hair fashion…

  • Jennifer says:

    I thought Jennifer Garner’s dress was unfortunate. Shirley Bassey and Barbra Streisand were outstanding.

  • Is it just me, my television – or was the lighting very unflattering? Many of the women looked older than usual – I’m sure it was how they were lit.
    I thought Nicole Kidman looked the best I had seen her, also Naomi Watts was lovely – Jane Fonda’s dress was a great design but would have preferred it in almost any other colour.
    I am disappointed for Ann Hathaway that her dress outshone her win – and not in a flattering way – the style was elegant but those darts!!!

  • Alie says:

    Nicole’s L’Wren and Jennifer Hudson’s Cavalli – adored both. Nicole edging ahead – the dress for me so striking and interesting (and beautiful :))

  • Sanne says:

    Some of the actresses look like the have to act as a domina (hope that is not only a term in German and you know, what I mean) – S.

  • It was a fun night…I normally don’t stay up for the entire thing but did this year! I thought Seth was quite funny if not a little provocative in some of his need to wear a thick skin!

    I agree with most of your “winners” Salma Hayek not being one, I did not like the dress, did not care for her hair and overall wasn’t impressed with “her look”. I thought Amanda Seyfried was one of my worst dressed, the dress was ill fitting, did nothing for her since its so pale and the style reminds me of an outdated country singers concert dress. Sorry!!
    I did think Jessica C. looked so old school glam and Jennifer L. looked fresh and like a Hollywood princess.
    Jane while she looked amaizng, I did not at all like the dress, the color did nothing for her or the stage:)
    Jennifer G. and Charlize both always so elegant and refined. Love Adele who knows her body, and whose face is as beautiful as her voice.
    Overall really enjoyed the show!

    • Vicki says:

      I shall agree to disagree about Salma, Tina… :)
      Adele is an incredible performer… she is just a kid from nowhere in particular… who hit the big time… and coincidently has just had a baby… Amazing!

  • Rena says:

    I agree, Jane Fonda’s dress was unsuitable and also Nicole Kidman looked quite baroque in her total appearance. I mean very contrived.
    Mrs. Garner dress is a dream and Selma is elegant as always. Anyway it was a fun evening from ooh to hmmm….

    • Vicki says:

      Yes .. it’s such a great excuse to ogle… the truth is in their own way they all look incredible… and while I have my favourites… just to be there standing on that red carpet is a very incredible achievement… whatever you wear…:)

  • Jacqueline says:

    Hi Vicki,
    Well, just as I said that they all wear such expensive dresses, Helen Hunt goes and wears High Street, Hennes, so, good for her !! I loved Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence, they both looked so pretty and their hair was lovely. Not keen on Nicole Kidman’s dress …… the trouble is, she usually wows us and has to do it every time !! …. but, that’s just being picky !! Oh, and I always think that Jennifer Aniston gets it right. Adele, Barbara Streisand and Daniel Day Lewis were terrific. Like you, I wasn’t keen on the host ….. perhaps it’s because we are not familiar with him. I think that they should get Stephen Fry in !! ….. Oh, and Charlize and Naomi looked stunning. XXXX

    • Vicki says:

      Yes… Stephen Fry!! Probably too British though… but wouldn’t he be fun…:)
      Nicole Kidman is not my favourite… and I thought Helen Hunt very elegant… her dress may have cost 150:00 but her jewels were around 500,000:00 … Now that’s chic… :)

  • Karen says:

    Missing Helen Mirran, she never missed!

  • yvonne says:

    I love the very first dress and the black dress with
    sleves to the elbo. I missed the awards. Saw Lincoln
    and found it good but would not see it a second time.
    I’ll have to see the rest now.

  • miss b says:

    There certainly seemed to be more glitter than usual and a number of black and neutral coloured gowns this year. I thought Charlize Theron looked stunning in her white Dior dress and Naomi Watts looked glamorous and seemed to get away with all that silver sparkle! The design was so different with the one shoulder effect.

  • Karen in CT says:

    You did a great job tweeting and watching, kudos … it was fun.

    Charlize was stunning, the dress, the color, the haircut. I also liked Jen Garner from front, side, back. I don’t know what Jane was thinking.

    Adele was tops. Seth was not great, but not bad .. it was his first time and the press was pretty rough on him.

    Loved that Ben and Argo won .. and the speech was good. The freaking beards were just too long though. Wooly Mammoths return!

    Again … you pulled off a great tweet event.

    Karen in CT

    • Vicki says:

      Thank you Karen… I loved tweeting … it was such fun… It’s so great when we are all online together…
      As for Seth… i thought there were some funny moments and some real clangers… I am not sure he will be memorable… not like that naughty Ricky Gervais… ;)

  • For once I am a happy girl–there was some risk-taking going on! Finally! And yet nearly everyone (save for yee of Bed Head and that means Nicole too) looked good in their skin instead of actors wearing couture. I even stayed up until 1:30am! But then…zzz…and you?

  • Anita Rivera says:

    Oh Vicki, I MISSED THE SHOW! But, I am with Charlize Theron and Anne Hathaway. Gorgeous haircuts (I wear my hair like Anne) and sleek white? Perfect for an evening in Hollywood.

    Hugs dear Vicki! Thank you for showing what I missed! Anita

    • Vicki says:

      I am sure you can catch it all up Anita… it was fun while it lasted… Anne looked beautiful although she did get a tongue lashing for her dress… I liked it… but it’s a tough school.. :)
      As for short haircuts… those two looked incredible…Charlize manages to look sexy with an almost buzz cut… she is that stunning… and Anne is the classic gamine…

  • Vicky says:

    I spent part of my Sunday afternoon looking at Pinterest and all the drop-dead gorgeous dresses available to those who have the means and the figures to wear them. Then I watched the Oscars and I felt like I was watching either a bad beauty pageant (which I don’t watch) or at a high school prom. I agree that Selma looked amazing, Jennifer Anniston looked gorgeous in red. But I thought there were too many sparkles and too many strapless dresses. And nothing really made my jaw drop.

  • Pauline from Phillip Island says:

    I am still watching the show here in Australia so it is interesting to read your comments. I haven’t even seen everyone yet. Oh, Jane Fonda just came on to present an award. I think she actually looks very elegant. I’ll have to wait until the end of the show before I decide. I can say though, that Adele’s performance was magnificent.

  • Jessica Chastain and Charlize Theron have my vote in that order. Am not a fan of too muchness. I like plain. Agree re Jane Fonda….she looks terrific except for the dress. Thanks for the pix. I don’t have a TV so just what pops up here and there.

    BTW Repetto has a new dress line…well new to me. Have one of the dresses on my site today. LOVE

  • helen says:

    Fascinating to read all of the comments and points of view!! As for me? First I’m fortunate to live in the Pacific Time Zone! Seth is my pick for #1 Best Host in the last five years. He is incredibly talented. Gowns? Charlize, Jennifer A, Jennifer G, Jennifer L, Jennifer H and Barbra. I didn’t care for Salma’s look, Haley looked like a statue, Kristin looked to be in a considerable amount of pain and was noticeably limping. Daniel Day Lewis is beyond amazing. I managed to see eight of the films prior to last night, Amour being the last! AND the most memorable .. for me. Thank you for a great post.

  • Katherine says:

    I don’t think a strapless dress creates the most flattering silhouette. Of those that wore one, I thought Jennifer Garner looked best – or maybe I just liked that she chose to wear color. Stacy Keibler’s sleek sequined Naeem Khan gown was stunning! Did you notice that many of the women carried Roger Vivier clutches?

  • Wendi says:

    Overall, I really enjoyed the show – it is always over-the-top, very few big fashion mistakes these days….no swan dresses to be seen…I think that the wavy-hair fad works when the hair is left to cascade but those hanging pieces just remind me of Michael Jackson. What about Jennifer Hudson? What a voice and she looked fantastic! The show was blessed with women with voices that transcend….I lived a “bucket list” moment this past fall when I went to see Barbra when she was in Toronto…row 22, had to push back retirement from “Freedom 85″ to “Freedom 86″ for the ticket but is was worth EVERY penny! There she was at 70, no gyrating back up dancers, so scanty costumes or pyrotechnics just this woman who held us all in the palm of her hand with her charm, reflections on an amazing career and oh yes, that VOICE! Wow! Oh, and the Michelle Obama cameo was brilliant!

  • Now that I am bright-eyed and busy-tailed, my recap from your twitter party last night Vicki……..which was great fun by the way. My husband asked “what on earth are you doing” when I told him ” There’s a twitter party going on, we have to talk about the dresses!”. He just shook his head. Between you an me, I did give him a chance to have my full Oscar viewing attention early in the evening by asking his opinion on a few frocks but he was no fun in that regard. So a girl has to do what a girl has to do!

    I think I might stay with my original feeling last night and stick with Charlize Theron, that white Dior dress and fabulous short hair. I think she stood out in a sea of glitter and sparkle. I also loved the pink silk that Anne Hathaway wore (without the darts), and the sheer party dress value of the one worn by Amy Adams. Though by the end of the show, It looked like she might slide right off her chair with all that dress. All in all………..I agree that there wasn’t one of “those” dresses but then I don’t think Jennifer Lopez was there. Lots of fun Vicki to tweet the dress action while it happened, so much better that way. Much love XX

    • Vicki says:

      I loved the tweeting Sande…. I think that is the beauty of twitter… when you can all chime in together from all around the world… Kind of like a conference call!! :)

  • Connie* says:

    I loved the dress Charlize Theron danced in. Isn’t she magnificent? And Amanda Seyfried always looks so elegant but acts a little goofy which makes me love her. She doesn’t take herself too seriously. I really enjoyed reading your tweets as I drank beer in my sweat pants while knitting a sweater for my dog. ahhh…my glamorous life…

  • Patricia says:

    I felt that Salma Hayak was the standout in beauty all around. I enjoyed the gowns and evening, but will hope for someone else to host in the future. I vote that they hire Billy Crystal and Ellen DeGeneres and be done with it!

  • Paul says:

    Not a fan Anne Hathaways dress choice, front or back, forget nipplegate, it just felt awkward. I’m ignoring the coverage of all of those pale and nude looks and backing Kristin Chenoweth’s Tony Ward & Jennifer Anniston’s Valentino Gown, ticked all the boxes for what I expected to see on the red carpet, an Oscar Gown if ever there was one. Dame Shirley’s class in old school diva 101 was the highlight of the night for me!

  • Karene says:

    My favorite was Catherine Zeta Jones! And the whole evening was fun :)

  • Charlize Theron – understated elegance, gorgeous, and classy!

  • I watched the entire show(something I normally don’t do). Jane, what were you thinking? Charlize, Jennifer G, Naomi + Nicole were my favorites. I loved it all.
    PS Helen M?

  • Cathy says:

    My winners: Naomi Watts – stunning and completely unexpected. Robin Roberts from ABC News looked gorgeous in blue – and it was velvet which is very tough to pull off. And Seth Macfarlane looked dashing – in an old soul way (until he spoke of course- but I still think he did well for his first effort).

  • La Contessa says:

    I agree abut the strapless…….just doesn’t work when they are pulling it up!I thought CHARLIZE and SELMA(spelling?) were outstanding!I love how ADELE is such a REAL person accepting her award!Have to say it was a pretty good year for gowns…………a didn’t see any that were terribly off!Again I missed the beginning and the red carpet event!ITALIAN HUSBAND MUST EAT!It always starts early then I expect!The strapless creature who tripped accepting BEST ACTRESS………well she covered very well I thought!Who was that nice man who jumped up to help?Not immediately but he did arrive on the scene!BARBARA S.She is a classic .The voice is not what it use to be but who cares!That was her song and she is so gorgeous in every way.Vicki, do you have her book on her house?She is all over the board when it comes to decorating but I found I really enjoyed her story.I couldn’t believe MARVIN H. had left us………the back drop when BARBARA sang I thought was absolutely GORGEOUS!Do you agree?

  • Karen says:

    No one has mentioned my favorite dress yet…Catherine Zeta Jones wore a stunning gold, Zuhair Murad dress. I also loved Naomi Watts’ dress and Nicole Kidman’s. I really wanted to love Halle Berry’s dress, but it didn’t look good from all angles. I thought that Jennifer Lawrence looked beautiful, but bridal. And I did NOT like Anne Hathaway’s dress…what was she thinking?? This was her moment!

  • Britt says:

    Adored Salma’s look! Thank you for the coverage, I’m busy studying for the bar exam and did not have the time to watch :)

  • Katherine says:

    My favourite was Anne Hathaway, her whole look reminded me of Audrey Hepburn. I love that Tiffany’s loaned the string of diamonds to drape down her back – very Audrey.
    And yes, there was much attention to the darts on her dress. If they didn’t put darts in the front you would have seen her nipples {not the reverse}. The darts were more predominant with the stiffer fabric and light colour. If the dress was made in a deep colour the point {pardon the pun} would have been moot.
    I’m happy that Anne Hathaway won the Oscar, she was outstanding in Les Miserable.

  • Lisat says:

    My favorite was Naomi Watts (also thought she should’ve won). Charlize was beaut. too. I admire Babs Streisand, Field and Fonda for their gorgeous looks. They inspire me and give me hope that i can age gracefully too.

  • I think Jennifer Lawrence hit a total home run for someone her age. Anyway, she’s Dior’s newest model so she wore Dior. And, I thought Jane Fonda looked beautiful though I did comment no one else on the planet could have gotten away with that color.
    Nicole, Kerry, Halle, Jennifer Hudson all looked fab. Didn’t like Jennifer Garner’s dress at all, looked like Big Bird at the back.
    Charlize is always perfection in Dior. I thought the show was way below normal, didn’t like the Chicago or the Les Mes ensemble group singalongs. Love the Bond tribute, and loved loved loved Adele. Shirley Bassey showed us she’s still got it. Barbra shone. I was very happy for Ben Affleck & Daniel Day Lewis.

  • Tracey Kelly says:

    I think I’m the only one who didn’t like Jennifer Lawrence! I thought she was too tall for that dress. She needed a good bra! The colour was too pale for her skin tone and the chain too delicate for the dress. Charlize looked like Annie Lennox. Jessica Chastain was first out and no one came close in my opinion. My personal favourite was Amy Adams – I love her!

  • I loved the elegance and the short hair. I am so tired of all the shaggy looking long hair that most of the actresses have. They look fresh with short hair.

  • Cortney W. says:

    LOOOOOVED Salma Hayek + Charlize Theron. They stood out most to me last night…their beauty + style totally rocked my world.


  • kellen says:

    Naomi Watts was one of my favorites by far, and Zoey Saldana. But overall I think everyone looks really beautiful!


  • Leslie in Portland, Oregon says:

    My favorite looks of the evening were those of Robin Roberts, all around gorgeous in blue velvet; Anne Hathaway in the lovely tiered dress she wore only for the Les Miserables number; Jennifer Garner in that sumptuous color and style; and Helen Hunt, beautiful in H&M and jewels. I didn’t see all of the show, but of what I saw, the acceptance speeches of Daniel Day-Lewis, Ang Lee and the group that spoke up for more support of artists in the U.S. were outstanding. I didn’t agree with some of the awards, but I didn’t strongly disagree either…so many extraordinary nominees! An interesting event!!

  • loved all of these gowns on all the ladies!


  • Irina says:

    Hello, chere Vicki! I am a little late here, but wanted to chime in…aren’t the Oscars fun? Maybe I’m odd, but it never gets old for me…have been watching faithfully since I was a little girl…
    Of course, the films this year are tremendous.
    My favorite was Naomi Watts (maybe because I have a crush on her husband?) ;)
    I just thought she had the perfect combination of glamour and earthiness…if that makes sense.
    So glad you had a fun Twitter party!

  • My favorites were Naomi Watts and Charlize Theron. As for worst dressed… It’s got to be a tie between Anne Hathaway and Helen Hunt.

  • Bernie Brasco says:

    For me the absolute winner is Salma Hayek, she wore her dress with self confidence and dignity. Kristen Stewart always look a bit grunge, she need a very good stylist.

    Worst fresed for me is Kelly O and surprisingly Nicole Kidman.

    Nicole dress was dated,and Kelly O have no sense of style at all.

    Charlize could look even in a bing bag, she is stunning whatever she wear. Halle Berry is the same.

    Adele’s always plays safe with her black dress and for that reason she’s always gorgeus.

    Jane Fonda can get away with her fashion faults as she’s a well aged and well known actress.

    Helen Hunt intetion was good but that dress was unflattering on her.

  • Eva says:

    Charize Theron is my favourite. Simple but incredibly stylish :)

    Would you like to follow each other?

  • Joni Webb says:

    Poor Kristen, my love! she has a terrible habit of running her hands through her hair, 24/7 – so, if her hair is down and loose, it looks a mess by the time the night is through~ if it’s up, or pinned in a pony, or bun, she’s beautiful.

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